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La evolución de una pulpa

Why are you here? And why Konciencia?

We all want to change something. Some of us want more energy or less weight. Others want greater focus and more memory, or perhaps freedom from pain and chronic conditions. Some of us have the audacity to look for solutions but often end up frustrated because nothing works well with our own peculiarities. TODAY you are closer to taking the first step on a path of transformation: you are getting closer to the Konciencia family. Celebrate yourself for this! 

We, Dr. Pauli and Dr. Rapha, bring to the service of humanity our passion and deep knowledge of biology, biochemistry, genetics, biohacking and how the body works as a whole. For decades, we have been embodying our philosophies and learning to optimise mind and body to live freely.

What we have been learning from science over the years, we have also applied onto many others. Our repertoire includes remission of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid problems, mobility problems, depression, obesity, and other conditions once thought irreversible. Of course, most of these conditions are the result of habits and lifestyles, which is precisely the focus of our work.

How great that you came to us! Do you feel like it’s your time to free yourself from everything you don’t need? Are you ready to rebuild yourself and willing to change your daily habits? Do you want to transform into the version of yourself that you have been dreaming of? At Konciencia we have a lot to empower you with, so grab a little courage, follow your wise instinct and let’s embark on this spectacular journey together.

What does it include?

We go to the details

We establish your most important goals, study your daily routine in detail and identify small changes that will generate the biggest benefits according to your goals.

Weekly meetings

We meet each week to teach you more, push you forward, set new tasks, and keep you on track.

Direct access to Konciencia

It is normal for you to have doubts during such an important transformation process. We are with you all the way. We will create a private group on WhatsApp to stay connected throughout the journey.

We keep you on track

We are by your side helping you to keep your word and purpose present. We will guide you to where you want to go and we will achieve this transformation together.

Decades of experience

You will have at your disposal the Konciencia team and their 40+ cumulative years of biology, biochemistry, evolution, genetics and biohacking.

Practical Guide

You will receive a practical guide with invaluable supporting material and exercises that will help you on your journey from theory to practice to mastery.


We support you with better options

If necessary, we help you find local healthy food sources and supplements.

Medical tests

We help you interpret your medical exams based on your goals, your current lifestyle, and the incredible transformation you will experience with Konciencia.


After each video-call, we send you an email with the main points we covered in this call, a list of actions, and a link to the recorded video so you can watch it again.

Data analysis

If you have a device that measures health markers such as your physical activity, sleep quality and heart rate variability (HRV), we help you interpret and make the most of your data.

Genetic information

If you are interested in navigating and optimising your deepest biological space, we analyse your genes to identify the best habit and lifestyle strategy to help you thrive according to your own genetic idiosyncrasies.

How does it work?

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Welcome to personal excellence! Our personal coaching program, backed by a 100% success track record, offers security and transformation based on pure science. Silence your excuses and start building your best version. Complete our questionnaire above and take the first step TODAY towards your new reality. Don’t wait any longer to unlock your maximum potential!

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